Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is composed of two members of ASOSAI elected by the Assembly. The Committee audits the accounts of the organization every three years and renders its report to the Assembly.

Presently, the Audit Committee members are the Heads of SAIs of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Previous members of the Audit Committee
  • Since the 13th Assembly :
    Kazakhstan, Turkey
  • Since the 13th Assembly :
    Jordan, Mongolia
  • Since the 12th Assembly :
    Jordan, Turkey
  • Since the 11th Assembly :
    Mongolia, Saudi Arabia
  • Since the 10th Assembly :
    Jordan, Mongolia
  • Since the 9th Assembly :
    Indonesia, Turkey
  • Since the 8th Assembly :
    Nepal, Turkey
  • Since the 7th Assembly :
    Sri Lanka, Philippine
  • Since the 6th Assembly :
    Malaysia, Thailand
  • Since the 5th Assembly :
    Malaysia, Thailand
  • Since the 4th Assembly :
    Sri Lanka, Thailand
  • Since the 3rd Assembly :
    Sri Lanka, China
  • Since the 2nd Assembly :
    Australia, Sri Lanka
  • Since the 1st Assembly :
    Bangladesh, Japan

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